Caring for a Disabled Child

Caring for a Disabled Child

Three Great Wheelchair Sports For Disabled People To Try

29 November 2017
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Sport and recreation are a valuable part of any healthy lifestyle, contributing to improved physical and mental health in addition to providing an opportunity to form new friendships with like-minded people. Unfortunately, for disabled people, there are greater barriers to participation in sport which can discourage and alienate this significant portion of the population. In fact, participation in sport in Australia by disabled people is estimated at a little over 20% - approximately half of the national average.
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Caring for a Disabled Child

If you have a disabled child, you may be overwhelmed by the additional care they need. When my daughter was born with a severe physical disability, I didn't realise how tough it would be on a day to day basis. I tried my best, but I soon became stressed and tired. I felt I was letting my daughter down. Thankfully, I found a fantastic disability service who were able to modify my home so my daughter's wheelchair could move around it with ease and provide a carer who helped me to provide the care she needs. I hope this blog helps other parents out there.